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Elsternwick Cricket Club runs a comprehensive junior program that caters for boys and girls aged 5 to 17 years old.



Registrations for all junior programs are performed through the PlayCricket website.  Click on the PlayCricket image below or on the website home page to access the Elsternwick registration page: -



Junior Blasters

For boys and girls aged 5 to 8 that are new to cricket.  Participants build their skills through fun, game-based activities that are run in small groups to ensure every child gets a go.  When they have mastered the basics, they will be ready to graduate to Master Blasters where they play modified games of cricket.


Master Blasters

A super fun, social, safe, game based cricket program for boys and girls aged 7 to 10.  The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, with a maximum of 90 minutes playing time.  All the equipment is supplied, and the games take place at the same venue each week, at a local cricket club or community centre.


SECA Rookies

A modified competition for children aged 8 to 9 years old played on Saturday mornings with special rules for younger players.  The modified program provides an introduction into competition cricket.


SECA U12, U14, U16

A structured competition for children aged 9 to 16 years old with the U12 teams playing on Saturday mornings and the U14 and U16 teams playing on Friday evenings.


All Girls Cricket U12, U14, U17

A all girls junior competition for players of all abilities playing T20 games on Sunday mornings (U17) and Wednesday evenings (U12 and U14).

ISEC U15, U17

A Sunday turf competition playing home games on Oval 1 and the Holmes-Todd Oval. Games start at 8:30am and include two day and one day games.


JG Craig U15 Competition

Is a carnival run by the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association in the January School holidays.  The competition is of representative standard and is played on turf wickets.  Trials for the Elsternwick team are conducted in the off season each year and players have the opportunity to play in our U15b ISEC sunday team on turf to prepare for the carnival. 


Coaching and Junior Development


Elsternwick CC aims to appoint accredited coaches to all teams.  Team Coaches are a combination of interested parents and senior players.  Team Coaches are supported by Team Managers and subscription discounts are applied for parents of players who take on a coaching or team manager role.


All Elsternwick coaches are expected to be registered with Cricket Coaches Australia.  Junior Team Coaches should have completed as a minimum the Introduction to Cricket on-line training module and encouraged to undertake the Level 1 (Community) coaching accreditation. 


Current or prospective coaches can access the Cricket Coaches Australia website to download a great resources in the CA coaches app and access coaching courses here.


There are opportunities for junior players to receive coaching independent of what is offered at official junior training sessions.

There are a number of commercial entities and some senior players that run cricket camps during school holidays and offer private coaching at other times.  Further information can be viewed via the Juniors / Junior Development menu.


Child Safety


The club has appointed a Member Protection Officer who is responsible for communicating and promoting: -


The Member Protection Officer is also the first point of contact for all Safeguarding Children and Young People Matters.  Contact details for the Member Protection Officer can be viewed via the About Us / Contact Us menu.


The Working With Children Act requires adults working with and in direct contact with children to submit to a check to ensure their suitability for such work.  This requirement applies to the activities of Elsternwick CC where children train for and play cricket.  Direct contact includes oral, written or electronic communication as well as face-to-face and physical contact.


Accordingly, Elsternwick CC requires all Junior Team Managers and Team Coaches over the age of 18 to hold a Working With Children Check.  Elsternwick does not require parents performing incidental duties such as scoring or volunteering as umpires to submit to the check.  Officials in the senior club that have direct contact with children are also required to have the check.  The check is free for volunteers.


To apply for the check, access the Victorian Government Working With Children Check website here.


People undertaking Coaching or Team Management need to list Elsternwick Cricket Club as an Organisation.


Elsternwick Cricket Club

PO Box 741

Elsternwick Vic 3185

0408 306 595


Insurance Cover


The Club has insurance cover to reimburse parents of junior players for certain medical related expenses (non-Medicare) where injuries occur while playing or training during Club scheduled cricket activities.  This cover is provided through Cricket Australia and is activated during the player registration process.


All injuries should be reported to the Juniors Portfolio Manager and an incident report filled out, irrespective of whether the injured party intends to make an insurance claim.


Anyone with a potential claim should contact the Juniors Portfolio Manager.




The strength of any cricket club is dependent on having sufficient volunteers to perform all the tasks required to keep the teams on the field.  The club asks parents to assist with tasks such as scoring, umpiring and transport of players to matches.  Parents are also encouraged to contribute to the administration of the junior section by joining the committee or managing a team.




A major source of revenue for the club is generated through social events.  Parents are urged to support annual social functions including the Ball, Christmas Function and Trivia Night.  Revenue generated from social functions enables the club to maintain player subscriptions at a manageable level




The club endeavours to keep junior parents up to date with what is happening at the club through a bimonthly email newsletter, the club website, Twitter and Facebook.  Parents are encouraged to like the Elsternwick Facebook page and join the Elsternwick Junior CC private group.




The Club is fortunate to have several sponsors that support the club.  The support of these individuals and businesses allows the committee to keep player subscriptions at a manageable cost.  Accordingly, players are urged to support Club sponsors at every opportunity.  A list of club sponsors can be viewed via the Sponsors menu.




The club has adopted several policies to ensure the health, safety and enjoyment of all members participating in club activities.  Policies include Sunsmart, Smoke Free, Alcohol Management, Safe Transport and Risk Management.


These policies can be viewed via the Rules and Policies menu.

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